Fantastic Log-Keeping

Having reached 500 chaser points (a Semi-Sloth?) it seemed sensible to check the SOTA database for unconfirmed QSOs before applying for the award. I was amazed to find that, out of almost 150 CW contacts, only one log entry has an error, and that is just missing a single letter from my callsign. I think that this is an astounding level of accuracy by all of you activators.

To put this in context, 90 to 95 percent accuracy is considered to be OK in most CW contests, and this is achieved sat in a comfy chair and using sophisticated logging programs, skimmers and cluster spots. To exceed ninety-nine percent accuracy having climed a mountain, set up an antenna and while operating with numb fingers in the rain and wind is nothing short of fantastic!

I take my hat off to you all, you are a credit to our hobby.


In reply to GM0OAA:

I’m glad that the log I’m responsible for was OK!

Well done on reaching 500 chaser points Mike, I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to provide that magic QSO for you from Seat Sandal LD-022! It would have been a nice story, me gaining 500 activator points at the same time as you gaining 500 chaser points - oh well it wasn’t to be!

My 500 activator point certificate arrived in today’s post :slight_smile:

Congratulations Mike and I hope to work you again from the summits.


Congratulations Mike on achieving 500 chaser points.

Jimmy 2E0EYP