Famous Five in Cornwall

First of all, apologies for a rather belated report. This trip took place on the last weekend in May covering Friday through Sunday. I couldn’t have chosen better WX. Fantastic!

Friday 29th May. DC-003 “Kit Hill”
An early start and an enjoyable drive over Dartmoor to my first activation. My temp QTH was located 200m from the trig point at a quiet ruined building. The 7m fishing pole was hastily erected and the 2X10m doublet hoisted. The 600 Ohm home brew open wire feeder connected to my home brew ATU, and my FT817, (5watts) home brew keyer ,7ah slab connected and we’re up and running.
A CQ on 7.033 and a prompt reply from Roy G4SSH, (thanks for the spots Roy) to start the ball rolling. A nice little bag of 37 QSO’s despite the overpowering signals from the WPX contest was had.
Thanks guys for the QSO’s and especially for the following S2S QSO’s :
G3CWI/P G/LD-032

An early start the following morning so off to my overnight stay a great pub dinner suitably washed down with a couple of beers!

Saturday 30th May. DC-002 “Brown Willy”
A bright and early start took me to the National Trust’s car park at Rough Tor. From here a fairly straightforward walk up to the trig point (highest point on Bodmin Moor).
The station was set up as before, that is, after I’d chased the adders away!
30m seemed a good bet as 40m was swamped with very loud contest signals. Again as the previous day 37 QSO’s were had. Thanks to all that called. S2S QSO’s :
G3CWI/P G/LD-029

From here a quick retreat and a steady afternoon drive down to St. Austell and my next stop.

DC-004 “Hensbarrow Beacon”
A big thanks to Richard G4ERP and to Tom M1EYP, who’s directions saved time in locating the rather strange site on Hensbarrow Common. The trig is located at the top of a small mound (originally the high point) now surrounded by even higher china clay mounds!

30m again yielded a few QSO’s but sadly no S2S from here. Getting a signal out seemed quite difficult and the clay mounds to the North and East may have had some bearing on this.
Thanks again to those that called and to Don G0RQL for the nice 80m SSB QSO. (did I mention SSB!!)

I remember that it was a beautiful drive down to Camborne and a great stay over with some lovely people at a hilltop farm.

Sunday 31st May. DC-006 “Carnmenellis”
It’s not true that farmers are early starters, at least not all of them. ‘Help yourself to breakfast in the morning’ they said! So I did, up bright and early again and a pleasant 20m drive over the my next activation, “Carnmenellis”.
Again, with the help of Richard and Tom’s notes the summit route was easy to find. The trig point is quite prominent and easily viewed from the road.

30m worked well from here and I thought generally that it was a good HF site. Concerned that I might receive RFI from the rather large antenna array, literally 50m away, this was not the case.

Thanks to those that called and to the many QRP stations, always a pleasure. A total of 30 QSO’s were bagged.

Then it was of to Penzance for my last port of call, stopping off at the wonderful village of Praze an Beeble for a well earned pub lunch. (this SOTA lark is really trying at times)

DC-007 “Watch Croft”
The summit is within easy walking distance from the small parking area opposite the entrance to ‘Dakota’ This site commands a wonderful view of the North Cornwall coastline. Well worth the walk.

Again 30m worked well. My thanks to those that called and especially to Aage LA1ENA/P and Kjell LA1KHA/P for the S2S QSO’s An opening to G on 40m saw a nice little run on 7.099 SSB (it’s great to hear the voice at the end of the key, so to speak)

It was such a lovely place, I decided to stay a while and log a further 40 QSO’s in the WPX contest to net 21 DXCC. 15m and 10m were wide open

All in all a great little trip, fantastic hospitality and a fabulous weekend as far as the WX was concerned. God willing we can do the same next year.
A few photos have been uploaded to Flikr

73 Jeff G4ELZ

Fantastic stuff Jeff, you have certainly whetted my appetite for the DCs, which I will need to visit within the next year or so. Many favourable contrasts with my own last activations. No officious ranger on Kit Hill? No officious resident on Carnmenellis? And to top it all, you got a good view from Watch Croft! We got a very dull and murky haze instead of the stunning view I had so anticipated. Perhaps you should come with us next time!

Thanks for the report.


In reply to M1EYP:
Thanks Tom. Yes, if you and Jimmy are down this way again then maybe we could team up. That would be a pleasure. Wouldn’t be able to guarantee the WX though! HI…

I will let you know as and when we have any plans Jeff. However, I must insist on the fine weather, good views and absence of GOML/ranger aggro as well; that is part of the deal :wink:


In reply to M1EYP:
I forgot to mention about a friendly couple at Carnmenellis, they were very helpful, perhaps not the farm where you got a cold reception! And the local ale, great stuff! 73. Jeff