Famous 5 run, give me a call!

I’m off to Shropshire tomorrow to do the ‘famous 5’ before the Winter Bonus expires. Should be starting at Corndon Hill just over the border into mid Wales at about 8.00 - 8.30 and then working my way south. I’ll start each summit with 2m FM then 2m SSB and then move to HF CW if needed.
If you are around the shack please keep an ear out for me through the day and see if you can work the famous 5 too :o)

Michael (G0POT)


They are the makings of a great SOTA day. Done the run a few times, but none better than the day when Jimmy M0HGY (or M3EYP as he was then) began the day on 977 activator points in 2012:


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Hi, Michael.
In theory I should be able to work you on all five; the first from home, the second from the car park, the third from Hay Bluff (going up), the fourth as s2s from SW-041 and the fifth from Hay Bluff or the car park (going down).

Summit timing being what it is this would be a hopelessly optimistic target, but worth considering.

BTW you have WB-002 and WB-004 alerted for the same time - a bit ambitious even for a speedy run around.

Good luck, 73,

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Thanks for spotting the timing gaff…I’ll update that!
I’ll be tweeting my progress so if you’re a Twitter user search for @DrOrthogonal for updates on my progress :o)

Just a minor quibble - if you head south from Corndon Hill your next summit is G/WB-011, Bradnor Hill!

No tweeting at this end. Given an adequate signal on O2 I monitor SpotsFilter; otherwise I trust to luck.
Let’s hope we both have a good day.

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Brian…NW to SE? Top to bottom :o)
People tend to do them in the logical (minimising driving) order either starting at Corndon Hill or Titterstone Clee Hill.
I’m starting at Corndon and ending at Titterstone Clee…fingers crossed still dry and relatively warm.

Michael (G0POT)