False spots for GW4OBK/p

False spots generated for GW4OBK/p

Between 1629 and 1707 today, the 8th December, the RBN network has been issuing false spots for GW4OBK/p on GW/MW-037, allegedly active on HF CW.

1659 on 10.118 MHz

1702 on 10.126 MHz

1707 on 7.024 MHz

Phil has informed me that so far they have used 2m FM only.

The receiving station for these false reports was DF7GB in each case


and others!
Looks like the call was being pirated :confused:
Although below the normal speed of Phil!

It seems we have a really sad individual out there somewhere. Looking at the sites and propagation, as it wasn’t picked up in England maybe it emanated from Wales and the site in Wales GW8IZR picked up the ground wave.

Larger SNR on potentially local 7 MHz skip suggests from Pete’s screen shot it came from Estonica / Finland area. Not in Wales…

And a stupid one that could quite easily be caught out doing this…

Yes indeed. I thought I was looking at 10 Mhz prop and I hadn’t taken the snr into account. It will be interesting to see if anyone logged him. Phil is going to do a “who worked me” when he can.