Fair Snape Fell

Well what can i say, thanks for the 14 qso’s today new and past chasers, Thanks for the spots from g0pzo, 2e0pxw, & g0vof…
My report starts from Bolton at 8-00am-bst. When i had to drop girlfriend of at work, Then a quick dash up to Chipping where Myke g6ddq was waiting in the car park at 9-30am-bst. Sadly the cafe doesn’t open till 10-00am-bst, 4 walkers setting off from Chipping up to Saddle fell, onto the plateau various stops to take in fluid and biscuits, Once at the trig-point Myke made a qso with Mike g4blh & m3liu before Myke qsy’d to 23cms, Where he made 2 qso’s. Me i took Mykes 144mhz transceiver and went to the trig-point and made 14 qso’s, Nice to hear old friends giving me the wishes about being up the summits again, My best qso was with my good friend Charlie g0pzo, (nice to hear you again), Once the qso’s dried up we made our descent back to Chipping, Me & Myke went around Parlick, but our friends went over Parlick, Once in Chipping we ended up in the cafe (13-45-bst) for the good old bung-soup, (yum - yum)… On my way home i did a few caches, back in Bolton for 18-00 to pick the girlfriend up from work,
Thanks to all for a nice enjoyable day on the hills,

Mileage was 12.5 walking.
time taken 4 hours.
transceiver used Icom h/.held.

m0sgb (Steve) & g6ddq (Myke)…