Failed activation of Mynydd Bodafon GW/NW-071

Prior to activating Holyhead Mountain, I went up GW/NW-071. A rather windy day on the summit.

Got setup, spotted myself and called CQ.
The FT-857D was not playing ball, each time I TX’d the frequency displayed was 145.530mhz and I could’nt suss how to fix this. Moved to the Baofeng 2m/70cm hand held, connected this to the 2m ladder line antenna and hoped.

Managed to scrape 4 contacts while trying to stop bags, notepad, pencil from flying away in the wind.
Wind noise did’nt help the chasers or myself.

On logging the contacts, I have one call sign which I think I have written down wrong.
2W0*WB - Gary @ 12:50

What I wrote down, does not match to the call sign on QRZ.
If by chance Gary? you are reading this…Can you confirm your call sign please?

Or, I wil have to return to the summit and try again.

Is it worth logging just 3 contacts? 3 contacts does’nt make an activation. :frowning:


One contact is enough to log an activation, it just takes four or more to claim the points.

Re the 857, had you accidentally pressed the lock button at about 4 oclock around the tuning knob? I did that once and it nearly drove me crackers (not that I have far to go! :grinning:) before I sussed it!

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I’m always writing G rather than M on my logsheets which is crazy as M calls have been around for many years. My excuse is that I’ve been licensed and operational for over 52 years. :joy:

You might check GW and MW versions of the call that you are unsure of, or indeed 2E as entries on QRZ can be out of date and the op may have moved to Wales. Of course not everyone is listed on there. I hope you find the correct call.

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Try putting in one call as an activation and then use the “see who chased me” button. You may see it there if you are lucky. You can then delete the activation and resubmit it.



@G8ADD - some how I sent split mode(I think) once I turned this off all was well.

Hi John, I was on Kinder Scout (G/SP-001) Saturday and Martin (M7BIA) was on Shining Tor (G/SP-004) . We both heard you loud and clear (20dB over) here in the Peak District, but despite pointing the Yagi at Angelsey and requesting a S2S nothing came back. Martin tried from Shining Tor but also got no reposnse. We were a little perplexed as what was wrong, but having both a 818 and a 857 I now understand. Easily done, especially when the weather is pants. Hopefully get you again soon.


Dave (m0jks)

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One of those things Dave, it just means another visit to the summit and to try again. Hopefully with better weather conditions.

Just checked the chaser roll of honour and can’t see any logged chaser points under anything like the mysterious Gary’s callsign. Might be worth checking back in a few days time in case he has a backlog to enter (like me).

At least it’s an easy one to go back to redo the activation when you’re next in the area.

Thanks Peter I checked ‘who chased me’ and no sign. No worries. I will make a return visit and take in another summit on the same day.

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It’s good that you want to have an accurate log rather than one with a questionable entry. But…can I point out that you are meant to log what you logged/wrote down when activating and not log what the corrected call turns out to be when you have checked later. That is unless you wrote a note saying “not sure call” when you had the QSO.

Post activation corrections to what was sent/heard was why we turned off the confirmation mark in the chaser log. This was because people would make later corrections to their logs to get the confirmed mark. i.e. I activate as MM0FMF/P and give that call out. People enter the chase of MM0FMF/P. Then I make a mistake and enter my call in my log as MM0FMF and chasers failing to see the confirmed mark would change their log from MM0FMF/P which what I sent and they heard to MM0FMF which is what I logged incorrectly just to get a confirmed mark. The confirmed mark was causing people to enter the incorrect data.

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Log what you wrote down - it may be correct even if there is no match in any callbook.

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Ok thanks chaps.

I agree Stu. Callbooks are always out if date.

However if I find I can’t read my own writing I simply don’t log that contact. The “who chased me” things is a bit like the old star mark. Not something I now use.


Hi , there is a Gary that lives on the island I’ve heard him work SOTA stations before his call is 2W0GDB . Must be him.


Vying for the 2022 Pendant Award already? :hushed:

EDIT: Spellchecker 1 - Self 0 :joy:

Yes, I swinging about wildly up here.