F6HBI/P appologize keying

Hello all,
today i was very happy to sit on top of F/AM-761 at 2774m asl.
I have been very disapointed when my “code-cube” and keyer did not work any more!
I had to found a piece of wire to make a keyer and start calling CQ with this (not so good) solution.
I know it was very bad to listen, but i did not want to come back without any single QSO, to please the chasers.
I had 29 contact any way; thanks very much all chasers.
Gerald F6HBI


I say well done Gerald. That can give “Fly-By-Wire” an entirely new meaning.

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Hi Gerald
A well done to you for carrying on due to problems, sadly one station did comment on your sending, I still say well done, and carry on and ignore silly comments.
73’s Ken G0FEX

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Very well done, Gerald. Thanks for qso today. Vy easy copy your keying.
73 es cuagn soon
Mirko, S52CU

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Here are some photos from the place F/AM-761:


Wow Gerald, 29 QSOs with your “emergency-key” is fantastic.
Good copy here, many tnx and congrats for the fb activitation.
Meilleurs 73 et DX

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Thanks for the photo’s, simply stunning mountain ranges. Good work with the piece of wire !


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Congrats, Gerald for your very successfull activation in a beautiful area after having brilliantly improvised a great solution to the out of service keyer problem. Very well done!
Your hand straight keying was very good and I was delighted to chase you on QRP 5w with my endfed antenna in the balcoby of our new flat QTH.
Thanks for sharing with us the pictures of such beautiful scenery.



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