f6eno f/am-340 & f/am-330

I spent the last week in Puy St Vincent, dpt 05, in the “Massif des Ecrins”.
So, I planed to activate some F/AM summits.
On friday 27th March, I went to F/AM-340, starting at abt 1400m, I reached the summit (2040m) 3 hours later. Usualy, during summer, I climb this summit in 1 hour and half, but the snow was fresh and deap, so the ascent was very difficult for me. Fortunately, the WX was very nice.
I made 44 QSO on 40m CW.
Here is the video: SOTA AM 340 - YouTube

On saturday 28th, I was on F/AM-340, la “Tête d’Oreac”.
Nobody when climbing, nobody on the summit… I was a poor alone man !
I started calling at 11h20 UTC and found a huge pile up during 1 hour and half. 73 QSO one after the other on 40m CW, starting with F/SP7JYM/P on F/NO-025. Another S2S with S57XX/P, Jure on S5/RG-010. I missed F5IUZ/P on F/AM-451. May be Moïse was too close, in dead zone. A very big thank to DJ5AA, Al who tryed to help me for this QSO. And an other thank you to all chasers keeping quiet when I was calling Moïse… It was very nice (and rare… !)

Best 73 to all
Alain F6ENO

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Again a prima video Alain … so as I can see and hear, I must go back study on the CW mode. Until the next video.

In reply to ON6DSL:
Hello Luc,
High speed or low speed CW, it’s always a pleasure… hi !
73 Alain

PS: I just read that you broke your index finger… not easy for CW…

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Bravo pour un autre excellent film Alain!
Une très belle vue et une activation de haute volée (sans casque!).

73 QRO, UFT, et mes amitiés
Fritz dl4fdm,hb9csa

In reply to DL4FDM:
Hello Alain
a good vidéo with nice mountain!
hpe cuagn

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Hello Alain,
I liked making this summit with you one summer. The winter, it’s an other thing and that tempts me.
In the ear, we re-know the influence of TS7C: that ruffles the hair! (in french: “ça décoiffe !”) HI! But maybe a little QRQ for some.
Remark, you are more QRS than certain —NO. (NO as you), but of which we have never “seen” its traffic on its summits. Hi!
( I am again going to be made friends!!! Hi! Hi! Hi!)
73 QRO,
Andy F5AKL