F5OGJ - Newbie as a (future) activator

Hi Folks,

I love hiking, paragliding an riding MTB and have been active for a lot (too much ?) of weeks as a chaser from my warm home- with lot of pleasure.
I can now annnounce that i’m the proud owner of a KX1 equipped for 80/40/30/20m bands and ATU as well with a lightweight Palm mini paddle.
I just need now to complete an EFHW antenna to get ready. This should be done in the coming weeks.
Of course I will send alerts through the “usual modern means” as soon asmy first activation from a F/PO summit is planned (i expect i shall be able to do so before we need to use snow shoes to get there - would be more comfortable for a first activation, even if i love snowshoes hiking)

Sorry - nobody’s perfect- i’m 100% CW addict.

Vy 73

UFT #1221
FISTS CW Club #17037


Hi Laurent,
I welcome your decision of starting on activating.
Being yourself at F/PO and myself in EA2/NV, we are neighbours.
I hope to ba able to chase you many times and also to S2S with you.


Thank you, Guru.
I dream to pass through FR/SP border on foot (like many people during WW2), but had to make a U-turn each time because of snow thickness during winter; then I hope radiowaves will make my dream come true.
Vy 73