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F4WBN - 60K SOTA pts and more...

As an impaired 10w HF voice station in California I’m generally lucky to be heard in North America and globally is a bit of a pipe dream.

The first time I heard Christian on a peak recently I almost did a double flip.

One morning shortly thereafter he chased me 3 times in one day.


Thanks Christian for being such a diligent chaser.



Always in my evening activations (and also very early in the morning) logs!
Congrats and for another 60k!
73 de JP3PPL


Congratulations on this record. WELL DONE! You have chased me almost every activation last month in FL/VO and DM/BW SOTA Tour. Thanks and good luck.

73 - Tonnie - PA9CW.

Impressive accomplishment!
Many thanks for all the contacts
When I get home and my wife asks how I did, my usual response is I worked Christian in France and……
73, Dale

Christian, Congratulations and thank you for the many, many contacts (always 599)…
73 John

Christian, Thank you so much for chasing! You are legend!

There is certainly a lot of F4WBN in my activator log and WY7N in your chaser log. Your signal is always FB here in Utah!

60X shack sloth. That’s amazing!

Tnx, Chris. Our 20m CW QSO on my very first activation in January got me completely hooked on SOTA! Thank you for the many chases since then as I near 100 unique summits…
Jeff KX6I

Well done.
You were strong today in Alberta Canada.


Thanks Christian,

for all the QSOs on the Summits.

DC8YZ, Michael

Congratulations for this great achievement Christian! It’s always a pleasure to hear you.
73 Stefan

WOW, what a result!!! Huge Congrats Christian.

As many already indicated you are one of these chasers who are beacons for activators. There were times when you could set your clock by the passing trains, you are one to check our antennas against.

73 Marek

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Christian was the very first DX SOTA contact I ever had. I was so thrilled! Congratulations and thank you!

I have to hurry to keep my first place for the classification of unique summits, Chris is not very far…

It took me +/- 8 X 14 Months :upside_down_face:

I think it’s wasted effort, I just have to hunt GMA or WFF :laughing: :rofl:

Congrat’s Chris @F4WBN

73 Éric


Congrats Christian and Tnx for all the chases. You always have a FB sig…just like the locals.
Tim - K5DEZ


Thanks for so many chases and log entries! You are often the only DX I work, if conditions are poor. I don’t know how you do it…but you often push through my USA chasers!

You’re usually there on 20M, but you do just as well on 17 and 15M, even when almost no one else is on those bands! Sometimes you do a couple of bands just for fun! There are even a few times we have managed contacts on 30M, which is quite a thrill!


Congrats Chris,
Thanks for all the contacts. I am doing SOTA now since 15 months and you are one of my Top 5 chasers. Always very reliable, with very strong signals and a brilliant audio.
Looking forward to the next QSOs

vy 73 de Klaus, DL2KL

He was my first ever 30m contact during a SOTA with my “new to me” MTR-3b.

Congrats and Thank you Chris (F4WBN) - and all the other chasers - for chasing me so often! Your voice is unique and can be recognized even in a dense pile-up.

j’ en suis à 12.000 points en 10 ans et c’est vrai que F4WBN est un phénomène.
J 'en ai la preuve aujourd’hui avec un contact difficile sur F/AM432 à 10.55 mais bien entendu et copié
bravo à lui : excellent radio

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