F/SO-002 by F8DZY

Hi all, back from Peyre Brune on SOTA F/SO-002.
Thanks to all guys contacted this morning on 40M, band was VERY QRM there but 20 contacts are in the log. To G4SSH, when I called on 30M, the owner of the place I was just came to visit me, so of course I stopped keying in order to introduce myself and our hobby, when he left, it was too late for me because 01h30 road drive to be back, sent one last call on 7 MHz SSB, got F8DBW and go QRT.
I did a video that I will upload on YouTube.com and will give here the link when ready.
See you on SOTA.
Vy 73 de Chris F8DZY.

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Hi Chris,

I heard about F4DZY/p on 7032 from HB9RE, but I had the same problems
with qrm on 40m today, so nil copy. sri
The qrm was from 7.029-7.033 with 59++.
From time to time a russian lady relayd groups of 5 numbers
on 7.031 on SSB, like in the 1970/80s.

Hope to cu from the next summit!
Vy73 à bientôt de Fritz DL4FDM,HB9CSA

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As I said you, I’m not at home… so could’nt hear you today, Chris.
Waiting now for the video dear F8888888DZY !

Heureux de voir que tout s’est bien passé.
A bientôt depuis un autre sommet.

73 QRO
Alain F6ENO

Hi all, the video is online. I did as far as possible…
Here’s the link :

Thanks to all guys contacted, next one (video) will be from Abarratia (F/PO-252), the nearest SOTA from my QRA.
See you soon…
Vy 73 de Chris F8DZY.

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Hello Chris
la f8 semble etre dans la poche!!!
a bientot sur d’autres SOTA

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Magnificent video Chris. Thanks for the pictures. Good publicity for SOTA.
And especially, congrats for your F8.

73 QRO, André F5AKL

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“THANKS” :wink:

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Great video Chris - now I know what my keying sounds like :slight_smile: .

Roger G4OWG

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Thanks for calling on the 2 activations, yes you’re on the 2 videos… my pleasure.
Vy 73 de Chris F8DZY.

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Thanks for the videos Chris. They are a great asset to SOTA and I will show them at the Club later to show how it works.

I too have never heard my keying before, but think I was worth better than 559 from F/PO-252 !!! Just joking my friend.

Best 73’s

In reply to G4CMQ:
Yes David, I think too when looking again the video, you were 559 when I heard you 1st time HI, the same as G4OWG…
See you soon, regards.
Chris F8DZY.