F/PE-281 video

Here is my last video:

Enjoy the music and my new green fiancée…
Fortunatly, she did’nt likes me…

Alain F6ENO

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Nice video Alain. Where did you get your flag? I would like to get one.

A very nice area of France. I know a great music group who sing in Occitan - Lo Cor De La Plana…great music.


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Hi Bernard,

Thanks for your comment.

The flag is home made (embroidery) by somebody of F4EMK’s family.
More information here:

Another picture on Fredo’s blog:

It is a very nice work !

Best 73

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Always a good pleasure to watch your movie.
Thanks a lot !
73 - Roger

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Hi Alain,

Thanks for the link. I may try and purchase a flag. I’d like to stick it ontop of my mountain fishing pole.

thanks and 73