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F/no-008 & no-019


F5AKL and I spent a nice day in the "french Ardennes"
F/NO-008 and NO-019 are not very high and difficult summits.
Two hours car then we had to climb about 1 hour and half to reach NO-008.
But we were in Ardennes forest and spent lot of time to find
a small clearing.
There, we had several QSO with G, D, HB and F friends. Special thanks
to Al DJ5AA for s2s with OK/US-006 and to John GS0OOO/P from NS-052.

In the afternoon, it was rainy, but froggies are not affraid by rain…
We climbed fast to NO-019, but heared some crashes of thunder…
Few QSO with F6ENO/P, then F5AKL/P and F8UFT/P. Sorry, we had to QRT
very quickly, because the storm was there. My last QSO with G4ZIB
was a CW disaster… because the keyer became crazy… only dots series !
But the QSO is valid !
May be the battery or the FT817 ?

Finally, it was realy a nice day !

Thanks to all, friends.
Best 73 and see you soon from other french summits.

F6ENO Alain


In reply to F6ENO:

Bravo Alain et André. Je suis désolé parce que je n’ai pas entendu aucun des signals pendant la deuxième activation.

Ecoutez bien le mercredi soir. Je serais actif sur le sommet G/SE-003.

A bientôt et bon trafic UFT !

73 de Les, G3VQO


In reply to G3VQO:

Merci Les,
je serai à l’écoute mercredi. Bonne chance

73 Alain