F/MC-179 >>> The vidéo is online

73 Laurent F8BBL

Very good Laurent and thank you for my first French SOTA

73 Graham G4JZF

In reply to F8BBL:

Enjoyed the video Laurent, and the background music - you have a nice sense of rhythm. Very professional and most interesting for chasers to see the other end of the QSO.

I hope that SOTA does not kill the Video Star !!

Many thanks.

73 Roy G4SSH

In reply to G4SSH:

Hi Roy and Graham,
Many thanks for your comments
I’m a “new user” for vidéo … just 2 months ago :slight_smile:
See you soon next time on new French Sota
best regards
73 laurent F8BBL

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Wow - what a great documentary film of your day Laurent. If this is not your day job making films you should consider it as a profession hi hi…very enjoyable to watch and the sound especially on the radio contacts being made was super quality. Also I liked the dramatic music.

73 and thanks

Phil G4OBK

PS I heard you working BS7H Scarborough Reef on the first or second day of the DXpedition. It took me many hours more to make my contact with the team. So I don’t think you work QRP all the time!

Thanks for the video Laurent, you seem to have a natural talent for making films, this one is excellent, very enjoyable and you say you have only been doing it for two months? wow.
Thanks for our cw contacts, I hope for many more and I also look forward to your next video.

vy 73 Mike GW0DSP

In reply to F8BBL:

Hi Laurent,

I am looking forward to working you from F/MC-178 next Saturday morning (and perhaps seeing another excellent video)

However, you may have problems with the light for your video if you are climbing in the dark in order to activate at 7 minutes past midnight?

And are you really using SSB on 10.118 MHz ???