F/HB9CSA/p F/VO-001

Many tnx for the QSOs from my "birthday-activation"
from le Grand Ballon. Condx were not to good, so I
was extremly happy to work 38 stations, incl. 2x s2s
(F/HB9AFI/p and HA2VR/p). F2YT and I0KHY were the only
stations on SSB, also 80m nil, sri. Tnx DL6KVA for spotting.
Hope to activate one or two more this week.
Vy73 from Fritz HB9CSA/DL4FDM

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Happy Birthday Fritz,hve a schnapps on me, hi,73 Geoff.

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Happy birthday Fritz, sorry I missed you today.



In reply to DL4FDM:

Happy Birthday Fritz. It is always a pleasure to QSO on the bands, especially with your alternate call.

You were correct about the poor conditions today. Yourself and Norby LX1NO are usually two of the strongest signals on the band but you were just audible to me. QSB was taking stations from 579 to a complete fade out at times.

Hope to work you later in the week. I shall be visiting my daughter in Cornwall from 11-17th April, but I keep an FT897 and an indoor vertical antenna there, so you may hear G4SSH/A.

73 Roy G4SSH