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F/CR Holiday

I will be on holiday around Vacqueyras in F/CR land from 20th August to 31st August. It would be good to do one or two SOTA activations during my stay.

Looking at SOTAMaps I can see a triangle of 1 pointers just to the east of Vacqueyras, F/CR-222 F/CR-203 and F/CR-237. Also F/CR-007, Mont Ventoux, appears to be a drive on?

I would appreciate any suggestions and ascent tips from anyone who has activated these summits or any others nearby.

73 Andrew G4AFI

Mont Ventoux is a drive on… it features heavily in the Tour de France. Great road up and a nice place to eat 3/4 of the way up, Chalet Reynard ( http://www.chalet-reynard.fr/intro/index.html ) I had a splendid steak there. As in the name, the wind can be strong, the tour didn’t go to the top this year because of the wind.

Thanks for the info Andy. I have made a note of Chalet Reynard. Yes I knew about the wind. I intend to go up there anyway and see if I can operate if the wind is not too strong. I will be taking my 6M travel mast as I will be flying to Avignon. Also only taking my YouKits HB1A so QRP CW only :slight_smile:

Well Carpentras and Avignon are beautiful places. I’ve only been visited in November and December when the Winter temps were much like a Scottish Summer, but the colour of the sun on the Palais des Papes was spectacular.

Anyway here are some shots of Mont Ventoux from Avignon first in November 2012 showing snow on the summit, the rest from mid-December 2015.

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Brilliant pics Andy! This is my first visit to this region of France and now I am even more looking forward to it.