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First activation of F/AM-535 by Erik as F/ON5CMB/P…and also his first SOTA-Activation.
Congrats Erik…welcome in the club!

73 de Franz ON9CBQ

In reply to ON9CBQ:
And the ON activators family grows …

Hi Eric ON5CMB welcome in the SOTA-ON-group !
Cu Nxt Agn Sota

Ps: Pse Eric take notice that it is not allowed to transmit above the 7100 MHz in France. I think our French friends can confirm that … or what about it !?

Mon 13:57 F/ON5CMB/P on F/AM-535 7.1575 ssb
*now here (Posted by ON5CMB)

73 Luc ON6DSL

In reply to ON6DSL:

Hi Luc,
according DARC publication in cq-dl 4/10 about “CEPT-Länderlisten”, in France the 40m-Band is usable from 7000-7200 kHz.

73 de Franz ON9CBQ

In reply to ON9CBQ:

Hi sota friend,

I am not so sure of that ! 7 MHz is not yet open for us ! unfortunately !
May DARC knows better than french ham !

gl, Bob

In reply to ON9CBQ:

Sri Franz,

We are not yet allowed above 7100.
May be one day, one month, one year …?
Thanks to french administration.

73 Alain F6ENO