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F/AM-418 from F6HBI

Hello friend,
Today 05/02/2013 i was on top of Montagne de l’Audibergue at about 1650m over the sea level. I guess my sigs were not very loud and i must explain why.
This summit is nude (no trees, nothing…like a desert!)and when i arrived on summit, a very strong wind started to blow (about 70km/h)… As i was in trouble with my stuff, going all over the place because of the wind, i could not set up by myself the dipole antenna; the mast was bending dangerously.
Then I used my spare antenna system, a short whip antenna about 110 cm and 2 radials! I must apologyse also for the bad keying, which is due to my body shaking like leaves on the trees for the temps was very cold.
I have been able to make some (86) Qso with most of you (i guess you have good ears) on 40m 30m and 20m, but only 1 qso on 10m.
I enjoyed that journey anyway.
Picture are here: http://picasaweb.google.com/GEOF6HBI/
73 Gerald F6HBI

In reply to F6HBI: Glad that I made it into your log. Thanks for your efforts.

Tks for ur efforts to put F/AM-418 on the air Gerald.



In reply to F6HBI:

Then I used my spare antenna system, a short whip antenna about 110 cm and 2 radials!<<

Hi Gerald;
Amazing results with the one metre whip, I wonder what rig/power you were using ??
73 de Ken G3XQE (one of the 86)

In reply to G3XQE:
Hi Ken, i used my FT817ND (5 watts) powered by a 12volt 7A/H battery.
The whip Antenna is a Moonraker SPX-100 directly plug on the FT817.
As the system does not work very well, i improved it with 2 radials laying on the ground… As i said, it is a spare antenna that does not give the same result than my half-wave inverted dipole on top of the 9 meters mast.
73 Gerald

In reply to F6HBI:
Hi Gerald, thanks for your activation under the severe weather conditions.I am glad to made it into your log during my lunch break. Your signal was not very loud but 100% readable. I consider 86 QSOs as a very successfull activation with respect to the less efficient antenna. Thanks again for your effort and CUL on the next activation.
73, Steffen, DL3JPN

In reply to F6HBI:
whip antenna 110 cm and 86 Qso.
" chapeau !" Gerald !!
…but only 1 Qso on 10 m (with f8feo)( distance 30kms)

In reply to F8FEO:
Hi Gerald,
Thanks again for trying this with the wind… And I better understand now the poor condition on 7 and 10 and don’t speak about 28 Nothing !!!
The lucky man is Alain !!!
Please to see you again Alain… and Gerald in July (For a good trip ???)
Bye to all

In reply to F6HBI:
Amazed to read this post you were solid 599 here on a far from ideal antenna at this end. Thank you for new summit and E-qsl John GW4ZPL.

In reply to F6HBI:

Hi Gerald;

Fantastic result with the 817 and the whip antenna.
Thanks for the activation under very bad weather condx.

73 de Ken G3XQE

In reply to F6HBI:
I guessed your hands were cold, Gerald. Many thanks for your efforts.
Merci, 73 Stu G4FGJ.

In reply to G8EMO:
It’s my pleasure.73