F/AM-418 and 467 by F6HBI 21/01/19

Today i enjoyed the wx from South est of France.
I had 98 Qso cw/ssb.
Here are some photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/67xuhRKe1TX7Ae2K6
73 Gerald F6HBI


98 QSO ? I dream about it !
I must go multiband/mode…

Nice WX and pics.

73 Patrick

Beautiful Gerald! Sorry I had to QSY for “gastro” before you started the activation.
Any picture of your 4-legged companion who followed you all the way on the hike up?


Hello Arnaud,
Thanks for the Dstar QSO from summit. (no good for Sota).
I wrote a link to look at the album photos, may be you can not see those?
About the 4 legged friend, here she is:

73 and cu from summits, Gerald F6HBI

salut Gérald et mci pour les photos

moi qui évite les “patous”
je ne crains rien avec lui ?


Ah thank you Gerald. I had missed the link in the first post!
73, Arnaud.

Bonjour Gérald
Merci pour ces belles images. Ici, le ciel est bien couvert et les Pyrénées sont loin sous la neige.
Cordiales 73 et bon amusement au pays du soleil :grinning:
André f5ukl

Hi Gerald
We are too closed for HF bands ! Now I’m in JN23mx :slight_smile:
Sometime can copy you on yours F/AM summits and is a real pleasure to try 6M band with you ! (Sorry on the last try you copied me).
I’ll try myself to climb soon all the F/CR arround my QTH !
RX you soon in direct
Eric F5JKK