F/am-414 & f/am-526

Hello SOTA friends.
First i want you to thanks for all QSO. Always a real fun to QSO friends and big pile up + QRM -----> so hard but funny.
I wanted to go to F/AM-327 summit but not so lucky because the road was closed.

There was a big rock on the road … then i had to change my plan.

I decided to activate F/AM-414 first and longer
Later Gérald - F6HBI sent me news via GSM about another summit nearby.
By the way i did a S2S with F4ESK/P from F/CR-142 (Yesss ! a complete QSO for me)
Later i activated F/AM-526.
Wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015

73 QRO
F5LKW - Roger


Good job Roger as always!.
Vy 73 de SP8RHP/p trip to SP/BW008/009…

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Thanks for all Roger… See you soon (I Wish !!!)
Good Job and Fun !

F/AM-414 and F/AM-526

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