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F/AM-337...nice summit!


Dear friends,

Last week, I was in the Alps to activate few summits.
F/AM-337 was on my plan and I made 19 QSO from there.
Unfortunately AM-337 has been deleted since 01/02/2008…!
A question: who decided to delete AM-337 ???
the answer is… me !!!

Well, I suppose you are thinking that F6ENO is a little crazy…
You are right and as says Andy “Alzeimer is looking upon your shoulder…”

But it was realy a nice snow course and I spent a very good day !
Very sorry for those who missed the 8 points…and my (8+3) pts…

I will be soon on the road again and will try to activate many new ones in F/PE region.
I will carefully look for deleted summits…!!
See you from there

Best 73
Alain F6ENO


In reply to F6ENO:
hi hi Alain
en tout cas merci pour tes activations, qui donnent un bon bol d’air SAIN et frais sur l’air!