F/AM-142 activation real time track on aprs.fi

Dear SOTA friends,

I have put an alert for this coming Wednesday, 20th of august regarding this activation. We will be feeding our live position via DPRS onto aprs.fi for those of you interested. Once you see us on the summit please give us a bit of time to take pictures and get set-up before we get on the air :-). To follow us you can click the following:


The DPRS tracks will be via D-Star F1ZDF-C. We will also be listening to F1ZDF on Dstar.

See you on the air!


In reply to JG1XMV:

Hi Arnaud,

Quick note. Track working fine. I always monitor APRS anyway so… 8)

Whilst you are doing photo shoots, just pulse the radio and people will still think you are en-route perhaps :wink:

Bye for now.

In reply to G6TUH:

Hi Mike,

You are a mean lean sota-chasing machine! You know all the tricks already. :-).


In reply to JG1XMV:
Wich you GOOD WEATHER !!
Heard you there…

Hello Mike and SORRY for no more SSB you really should train again on CW… I don’t thinks to climb again with a 3 kg TX on my back ! Only 0.9 for the HB1B ! And the battery in “addecation” !!!
Heard you soon ??? !!!