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F4GLD/P on F/AM-070 14.325 ssb
iota EU-070 LH-0745 (Posted by F4GLD) :open_mouth:

Going to Question this :scream:

According to the Sota maps this summit is well in land with NO L/H let alone IOTA EU-070

Do like using the maps to see where the summits are well useful bit of kit :smiley:


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Hi Karl,

If you are listening, you will hear that the given Iota reference ist correct. The questions are : Why the Sota Reference and why in the Sotawatch ?
Iota spot has nothing to do on the Sotawatch !

73’ Laurent de F8CZI

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Yes IOTA is in Sota watch if the sota happens to be on the IOTA island in question to which this Sota ref given on SOTA watch is INLAND, And as for the L/H refer given is on Atlantic coast and no where near EU-070 to which is in Med coast and the sota given is in the Alps.

I leave this one up to others to decide does, not strike right me me by the information given on Sota watch spot page. But why give the IOTA and L/H ref.

Unfortunately one can not hear the station calling.


Looks like they are using sotawatch outside the terms of the AUP

Only operations from valid SOTA summits may be spotted or alerted on the SOTAwatch facility.

There is an alert here,

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I worked Olivier prior to him being swamped by contest stations and I think he was calling CQ SOTA - but I agree the IOTA reference and the posting on the web page that Peter, G4ISJ kindly posted suggests this is NOT a SOTA activation! Rats! F/AM-070 is a 10 point, not yet activated summit! I also heard F4DLD/P on 40m - I wonder if the spot could be with a wrong callsign, not wrong summit (wishful thinking …).
F1SMV/P was also spotted on the same Summit.

This does look rather suspect!

If I hear Olivier again through the contest QRM, I’ll ask him whether he is on an island(in/near a lighthouse) or on a Summit and report back here.

73 Ed.

P.S. Just saw Manuel EA2DT has spotted that this is an IOTA, not a SOTA station.

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