F/AB-328 Pointe de Chalune June 3 2007

Weather forecast gave sun and possibly some local rain. Start from home 6:30 and park car to Foron 1360 m at 8:00. The route to Pointe de Chalune 2116 m is easy to follow and I arrive three hours before ETA at 10:00. There are many hikers coming to the summit this Sunday morning. I find a quiet but still safe location far enough from the abrupt cliffs to setup the loop antenna. 0855 UTC F5TIL/P is calling CQ SOTA on F/JU-006 at 10116 kHz. This activation starts with s2s QSO. Then one of the chasers asks me to move 1 kHz up. That was DL7VKD. Then DF2SJ, HB9DOI, F5LBG, GM4FAM and second s2s with OE8GBK/8 on OE/KT-149. The 40 m is full around 7031 kHz working contest - unfortunately I realize only back at home that this was the Region 1 field day. I could have worked many stations there but ignored the rules at the time of the activation. Somehow funny because the field day was the reason I invested to the portable HF equipment one year ago. No success on 14051 kHz with my equipment.

Radio: FT817ND 2.5 W, T1 ATU, 3 x 12 m low loop

Map: IGN 3429 ET

Photos: http://sral.fi/oh7bf/Chalune