F/AB-285 Les Quatre Tetes activation

Start walking up 6:30 in morning on April 13. First hour I had to carry my skis since the snow had disappeared between 970 m and 1300 m. But this had also eliminated the risk of snow avalanches in the forest section. There were several ‘coulee de neige’ at Col de Doran due to the hot weather conditions. Avalanche bulletin gave 1/5 for morning and 3-/5 for afternoon due to the humid snow. Arrival to the summit Les Quatre Tetes 2364 m at 10:30. There was a nasty looking corniche on the way. Thanks to HA7UG for spotting at 0930 UTC. Pile up started one or two minutes later. I did not want to stay there too long so I skipped the PSK31. The downhill ski on North side was still ok, but where the sun had warmed the snow became heavier.

Radio: ATS3B, 8xAA alcaline cells, T1 ATU, 10x5 m loop

Map: IGN 3430ET

Photos: f5vgl | Flickr

APRS: no packets were igated

In reply to F5VGL:
unfortunatly, no propagation for me in your direction!
congratulation for your activation! hpe cuagn in another SOTA
best regards
73’s QRO

In reply to F5NEP:

Hi Lionel,

Perhaps we should try 80 m next time for SOTA France? I did not have too much success on this band so far, but it seems to be quite popular in UK. The other unused band/mode for me is the 2 m FM.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL