F/AB-001 Summit but no TXing

Monday 22 june 2015 I’m going on the Mont-Blanc :smiley: but i cant TXing :disappointed:
Sorry for the chasseur to wait for me.

My friend Laurent and me going to chamonix at 6 of the morning for 7 hour of car.
After arrive near Chamonix, we take the telecabine and the little train for going to the terminus “le nid d’aigle” 2372 m

We walk a little and we can see a bouquetin

One hour after we can see the summit calling “aiguille du gouter” 3863 m. Tomorrow we climb over that, by night…

We get to this refuge “tete rousse” 3162m

tomorrow, waking up 1H30
After a good dinner and a short nignt Laurent and me start to climb at 2h of the morning. We stop 10 min inside the “refuge du gouter” 3810 M . We eat and take gore-tex jacket, at the outside it’s colder and there’s sometime a little wind.

Near the gouter

We walk, walk again and arrive to “bivouac Vallot” 4362 m
I’m tired, somethime it’s windy, it’s colder… i decide to drop off my shack radio 2700 g :cry: after it’s more easy for move<img

After a long walk we are on the summit, it’s cold -8, windy 50km/h ? we eat a little and go down rapid ( we had near 2500m to go down)

every time on Mont-Blanc i have ugly photo

Laurent have good picture !

We get to Chamonix near 5h00 very happy, tirred. We are lucky for going to the summit, more lucky it’s with a radio. an other time maybe…

73 Jean-Seb


Nice photos! Brings back memories of when I climbed Mont Blanc in 1976! 73! Hal, N6JZT

Thank’s for your post Hal,
Since 1976 the summit is going up !
it’s really a nice mountain, i suggest you to come back !
73 Jean-Seb F4CPJ

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Hi Jean-Seb.
Did Mt Blanc in 1975 too. Both times from Nid d’Aigle to Gouter Hut the first day, then to summit the next day. The hut was so crowded we “slept” in the kitchen room! 73! Hal

With my friend we prefere going from the hut of “Tete Rousse” it’s more eazy for the aclimatization but more longer the second day.
This is the new hut of Gouter. more than 100 people can sleep inside i hope the kitchen room was finish :smile:

Wow! Looks like a spaceship!

ahhhhhh, very nice! Well done guys. Too bad you had to leave the radio behind. I was wondering if there had been any Txing from F/AB-001 since I saw you were going there. Maybe next time. Thanks for the pictures and trip report, bravo!


Thank’s Arnaud
Yes it’s possible to try an other time :wink: !
For succesfull it’s not easy : two guys ( in vacation at the same time, we live at 7 hours of car), good weather, no wind, no cold, good physical condition ( and aclimatization ). And a little lucke, i think the ham who tx since the summit have all of this conditions.
73 Jean-Seb

Bravo Jean Sébastien pour cette ascension peu commune ! dommage pour la radio !!
au plaisir

Bonjour Bob
Merci pour le bravo ( c’est plus facile que d’aller au travail :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: … ); à bientot sur l’air depuis un sommet peut-être ?
73 Jean-Seb

A look at the summit page shows that F/AB-001 has only been activated twice: F/SQ9MDF on 13th Aug 2009 and F/S56CW on 2nd Aug 2011. Nearly all the contacts were on 20 metres.


HI brian thank’s for the information

i look on the web : 1988 to 1992 French Ham are gone to the summit (TV7SMB – TV9CEE)

Before Roger Frison Roche going to the summit for make thef first broadcasting in 1932
this is heavy radio !

73 Jean-Seb


Very nice picture and interesting bit of history!