Exporting summits to OziExplorer?

Has anybody developed a pretty way to export the summits of an association to an OziExplorer waypoint file. I have a way, but the results are a little ugly. All of the summit detail is in the waypoint description, but it is in an HTML table. OziExplorer cannot render this, so it’s hard to pick out the relevant data.

My technique is to:

  1. From SOTA mapping, Export the association to a .KMZ file.
  2. Open the .KMZ file in Google Earth and save as .KML
  3. Import .KML file into OziExplorer.

It works, but the description borders on unreadable. Is there a better way?

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Have you tried to export from SOTA Mapping in GPX format rather than KMZ/KML? From memory, it worked OK, but I had issues with the not getting the nice SOTA summit points graphics to import.


Peter VK3PF

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Marc, Sota mapping will allow you to save multiple regions (example all of VK3) in KML, or GPX format. You can sort by summit code, name, or altitude.
Using an old Garmin GPS2 plus with OziExplorer the limit on names was a problem. Much easier with the Garmin Map 62S with the info dumped in direct via Garmin Base Camp. Also use The Garmin OzToppo mapping with contours to 20 metres - $25.00 for the DVD at dick Smith earlier this year.
As for working out being in the activation zone, apart from dead reckoning (the top is the top - but of what?) using the GPS with barometric altitude measurement, I either calibrate it from home or a known altitude or contour. If I were to drive to the summit, knowing the height I would either calibrate there and then or take a reading and simply walk down the required 25+ metres to exit the zone. Doesn’t matter what the actual reading is, 25 metres is 25 metres.
I do have a number of Ozi .wpt files for VK3.Maps are also useful.The roof top series is quite good for a lot of the alpine region.
Tony Vk3CAT

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GPX works too, but there’s no useful detail in the description box.

I have the Vicmaps 1:25K so I’m good for maps.

Being a programmer, I may end up writing something, but I didn’t want to do that only to discover someone else already had.

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OK on the GPX. I just sent you my Ozi waypoints file - hope it helps.

Peter VK3PF

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Thanks Peter - awesome file.

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I have a full copy of GPS Utility (GPSU) GPS Utility - Home that will covert almost any mapping format to any other mapping format. It also has a text mapping feature where you map text fields to mapping parameters. I find it extremely useful and can recommend it.

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Interesting discussion - I just wanted to add my $0.02, and that is to say that the SOTA mapping (SMP) features a “Contact” page where users can report errors or issues with the SMP; or ask for new features.

Adding this or that description to one or more fields in a SMP output file - or a new output file format - would certainly qualify as a new, and presumably easily implemented, feature…