Experience with a new antenna

I had good expeerience with a multiband dipole for 40m to 10m. 2x7m and 9m feeder. Connect the end of the feeder and a addional 7m radial it works also on 80m. Had 15 contacts on 80m in SSB on DM/BW-46, I was really surprised. All in all 50 qso’s on 80, 40, 20 and 2m. Conditions have been not too bad during my last activation on the Plettenberg, but I managed about 14 contacts in the beginning with 10 watts instead of 70 watts. I forgot to increase the power after tuning. Next time I will use my Zepp antenna again. It is a shorted version with 2x 12,5m and 12,5m feeder. I wait for the first good openings over the sporadic e layer on 20, 15 and 10m. Unfortunatly it is not allowed in DL to work on 6m on a portable QTH. Here I will look for you at home as a chaser.

Have a good time!
73’s, Ralf DH3IAJ

In reply to DH3IAJ:
Hi Ralf
Whatever you are doing, you are doing it right! Your sigs yesterday were outstanding, consistent 10 to 20 dB over 9 - as strong as the fixed stations.
Congratulations OM!
73 de CRIS