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Excessive wind

Myself and another local activator are getting Fusion radios. I wonder how well the VOCODER performs with wind noise. I recall being involved with TETRA development the early days and the VOCODER we were trialling did very well in noisy Police cars driven at 120 mph with the sirens on (what fun we had on the M3…) - but wind noise is different. Any experience out there?

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I’ve heard that cold fusion doesn’t work too well…

Sorry, couldn’t resist…I’ll get my coat :rofl:


Have you tried charcoal filters?

Ah AMBE encoded voices… we all know you will sound like the Aquaphibians from Stingray.

(Here’s that clip again, it never gets old! Aquaphibian speech starts at 0:58 secs)


Brussel Sprouts do the same.


My (admittedly limited) experience with the AMBE+2 vocoder in windy conditions has been largely positive. While I have played with DMR/TDMA systems in windy mountain conditions with good results**, I haven’t tried the Yaesu/FDMA system beyond some indoor demonstrations. I’ll be looking forward to hearing your report!


** The only exception here is the DMR implementation on the Baofeng DM-5R radios which were almost unintelligible despite having line of sight at short range.

Is that when they are in the microwave Ken? Mine usually go “phut”… :rofl: