Evening on G/NP-005 Ingleborough

Don’t particularly know why I started going Ingleborough G/NP-005 around summer solstice during the evening but it’s a ritual that seems to have persisted. After what seems like an age, the weather has become more summer like and the prospect of an evening activation seemed more feasible.

The weather on Wednesday 19th June was nice so I decided to head up Ingleborough for my annual evening activation. I was pleased to find the parking area a little beyond the Hill Inn empty besides just one other car. I guess the daytime crowd would be on their way home or headed to a pub somewhere.

The ascent was pleasant and I didn’t see many other people, although I did stop to let an older gentleman go past me on the steep bit - my excuse is that I was carrying amateur radio kit!

I’d taken my Radio Kits Explorer SSB/CW rig which I’d converted to 40m and I still hadn’t tried it on that band. Using a home brew EFHW I started on 40m SSB and made a handful of QSOs but signals were weak. Moving on to CW I didn’t find conditions any better and just managed to work Esther @GI0AZA before I gave up.

The EFHW offers low VSWR on 20m and 15m, so I swapped the 40m RK Explorer for my MTR-5B and fired it up on 20m. Conditions seemed pretty dire on 20m but I did manage to work Matt W4GO in VA and Kaz 7N1FRE in Japan. Kaz must have amazing ears!

15m didn’t seem to be working but I managed to work Matt W4GO again and also Karen W4KRN. Switching to 40m brought in a few more callers but in all the radio wasn’t much to get excited about!

The evening was pleasant though and I enjoyed watching the sun getting lower. I packed up before sunset and managed to get down the tricky steep bit before it was dark. It was dark by the time I got to the ‘froggy rave’ pond, which was good timing as I like to look at the amphibians when they’re having fun in the dark! :frog:

Ingleborough summit G/NP-005

RK Explorer 40m SSB rig with home brew mic

Operating the MTR-5B

Home brew EFHW

Mini crocodiles :crocodile:

The log

73, Colin


A great read Colin, thanks.

Geoff vk3sq

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