Evening activation of G/NP-010

well im back from a most enjoyable romp on one of the Yorkshire 3 peaks.

Thank you to all the chases who added to and made the evening so much more.
The moon was full or very near however fast moving high level clouds kept obscuring it.

First QSO was established very quickly,thanks Dave G6LKB then Walt G6XBF.

After a short quite period M6ANX peter came back to a CQ call then quickly after G0TFH Lee made the 4th QSO qualifying the summit for me.

Lots of QSO’s followed also switch of frequency from .350 (had one half of a qso right at the bottom) to .550.
thanks to some very patient operators that had experiences of my developing dyslectic earing (G0MEJ) and later antenna’s blown about.

Talk of washing machines and much more later soon found the summit shrouded in cloud.
Quick tin of tuner and drink made a few more calls then headed for the decent.

I was in no rush and equipped to spend the night on summit if need be which was some reassurance when visibility dropped to about 1.5 meters.

I pressed on as I had reached the scramble and could easily make out the descent under foot (when moving slowly one notices things, like beatles as big as a 50p coin!)

This turned out to be a good call as progress was better than expected soon reached the finger post at the foot and by now I had gone below the cloud looking back at pen-y ghent all I could see was a think cloud reflecting the moon light.

All in all a most satisfying evening that now conduces at my QTH with a bottle of Shiras.

73 Paul 2E0PYG

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In reply to 2E0PYG:

Thanks for the nice QSO Paul. I was monitoring 145.500 while doing some soldering and was suprised to hear ‘CQ SOTA’ at that time.

I had friends who were briefly interested in SOTA and they didn’t like the scramble on G/NP-010 Pen-y-ghent in daylight!

73 Chris M0RSF