European activity day 2021?

Good afternoon.

Can someone confirm that date for the next European Activity Day as september 19th? I believe that it is in HB9SOTA´s plans for this year, but I´d apreciate confirmation, I´d like to plan something else to go along with it, on the same date, if possible.


Paulo, CT2IWW
SOTA Portugal A.M.

Hello Paulo,

i think it is the 18. September 2021. Look at the HB9SOTA Website: Jahresprogramm – HB9SOTA

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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Dear Paulo
I am glad to see your interest. Yes, it is the September, 18 2021 even if there is no good wx. HB9SOTA will again offer some Swiss knifes! But this time we will not give them to someone, who has already one. Sorry dear Manuel EA2DT, Jarek SP9MA and Tom M1EYP
73 de HB9BIN, Juerg, President of HB9SOTA and AM of Switzerland


Our annual ALL OE SOTA ACTIVITY DAY + OE5 SOTA DAY is also on the same day …

73 Martin, OE5REO


But has a Swiss Army penknife got the tools necessary to help us break free from our lockdown Juerg? :wink:

It’s in my diary- we all need something to look forward to!

Dear Juerg,
The biggest pleasure will be to attend this event.
My alert is already on.
I am anxiously awaiting !
73, Jarek

Dear Martin,
I hope to log S2S with as many of you as possible but next year hope to attend OE event again as in the past !
73, Jarek