EU - ZS s2s - how long?

I dont think theres been an EU - ZS s2s yet. Today in IO93 on 10m Ive heard 3 ZSs & 1 Z2 station on my vertical mounted 3m above ground, so it looks like just a matter of time before it happens. I also hear LU / PY quite often so maybe we can also work VP8.
Had 20cm fresh snow overnight in Buxton & still falling so my planned trip to SP-004 will probably not happen.

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Hi Steve,
Just had a look at the Cat and Fiddle web cam. Looks to be a lot of snow up there near to Shining Tor!


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Hi James - you`re not wrong! I have seen 2 people playing in the snow but vehicles a few & far between - maybe the road is shut. I have 6 geocaches up there that need moving as the whole area is now a SSSI. We need a big thaw before I can do that.