Es :-)

Well that was an interesting Es opening to spain
2 X Sotas Spanish wkd :smile:

The last one was trying to reach EB2GKK/p on 28482 he 5/8 here.
Yet no get back to him and instead worked EA2CW/p instead on same freq.
Even heard Don well calling the EB2GGK/p, G0RQL

Shame could not reach Andy earlier on G/SS-144 But could hear loads from Spain and Portugal calling through on 10m

Interesting openings on 10m today
Even made one Russian happy in Asiatic Russia with me WAB square.

OH dear gotta close down now being dragged off to the shops LOL


This is interesting, a while back I came across a link which provides real time VHF propagation reporting. It was something I had never seen before, I’ll post the link:

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Well Karl I’d would have been delighted to get you in the log. As it was I worked very many EA2 stations, SP8, IK3, S52 and my best DX was PR7AH in Brazil. I’m not sure who was more pleased with the QSO me or him. I’d been on 18MHz for a while and decided to have one more listen on 10m before I packed up. Just as well or I wouldn’t have bagged Brazil :wink:

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I was listening out for you on G6UW’s Stepper Andy - no joy unfortunately. No back scatter either :frowning:

Congratulations on the DX. The sky was good today. I managed South Korea on 21 MHz.


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1440z DM/NW-139 S2S with GW4TJC/p on GW/NW-004 29.600 FM. :sunglasses:



Conditions were sort-of-OK Jonathan. There were plenty of beacons to be heard around Europe. I heard OH9TEN at 58 most of the time I was on the summit. Other European beacons came and went but OH9TEN was consistent and strong. SSB activity was bubbling. A fair number of weak stations plus a couple of strong stations calling. IK3SCB was a good signal but I’m sure he said he had 6 ele single band Yagi which would help irrespective of the TX power! I checked 6m and again OH9SIX was a good signal, it’s co-located with OH9TEN. 6m had no actual stations I could hear. With both OH9TEN and OH9SIX being loud I did expect to hear something Scandanavian/Baltic and there was nothing. The only station in that area was SP8RHP. The wall of EA stations that came back to my spot was marvelous. :slight_smile: Send spot, call CQ a few times and there was EC2AG/P for an S2S followed by 7 or 8 EA2/EA1 stations. Great stuff. EA2BDS/P was worked on CW for another S2S on 10m.

But it was very much touch and go with 10m closing apart for OH9TEN for 10s of minutes at a time. My 10m DX-y antenna had an intermittent fault so I used the back up antenna which seemed to do the trick! I needed to swap the top section for 15/17/20m and 17m had funny propagation with long periods of nothing followed by bursts of good propagation. I heard CX2TQ when I worked my EA run but he couldn’t hear me and was CQing to no avail. When I came back to 10m, conditions to S. America had improved a lot, CX2TC had a pileup and a CX8 station was a German calling CQ DL/HB9/OE in German. Quite a few PU2 stations working away but they were marginal copy most of the time.

I stumbled across PR7AH calling CQ and worked him 1st call, he was genuinely pleased to work into Scotland but not as pleased as I was to get another QSO for the challenge. I was more surprised the backup antenna worked so well when you consider what a scabby contraption it is!

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