Errors in claimed scores

I am trying to get through checking all the outstanding claims for awards and have found a number of anomalies which are “out of the usual”. I suspect that the incorrect claimed scores will be down to the short period between the last valid database back-up being installed and the date when the database re-commenced accepting entries.

@MM0FMF can probably remind folks which dates are possibly missing from your individual scores.

I am not certain who is missing claimed contacts but I do have claims from KE0FQS, EA5IJG and HB9FPM which are short of the claimed totals.

Could all claimants please check their logs to ensure that all contacts in this timescale are entered so that your order may be processed

Many Thanks
Barry GM4TOE
SOTA Awards Manager

The database was unreliable 24th-Jan to 29th-Jan.

Anything entered in this period probably did not make it across to the new database.

If your claim relies on QSOs made during these dates, please check to see if the QSOs are in the database. If not you will have to enter them again. If you do not have your own logs for that period, it may be possible to extract them from the webserver logs (it records what each user does). But it would help Barry immensly if you could check and restore your own data.