Error on Line 4: Incorrect summit format in column 10

I am trying to upload a log from CSV Log Editor and I get the above error message. Below is a snippet of my log:
Signature,Call (my call),Full Reference (my summit),Date,Time,Band,Mode,Call (his call),Full Reference (his summit),Notes
v2,NQ7R,21/04/2020,17:37,14MHz,CW,KD0YOB,W9/WI-040 ,

So which is line 4? W7USA or KD0YOB? After checking their activations I am pretty certain I have the correct summit info. Where am I led astray?

Thanks for any useful feedback. Tom NQ7R

Space after the summit and before the comma, try removing it.

Thank you that did the trick. Sometimes “nothing” can be a real problem!

73 TOM

It’s known as whitespace to programmers because there is definitely something there.

Good find.
Now I am thinking about hole flow for some reason.

David N6AN