Error Manually Entering Logs

Hello all.

So I did my first SOTA activation yesterday. Man that was fun.
We made about a dozen contacts in about 30 minutes. Good times.

But I am having problems logging my contacts. I am entering them manually for now.
I entered the first log in and BOOM…all good.
But from there on I keep getting this error code.

An error occurred while uploading your activation: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 20018 Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint ‘IX_Activations_1’. Cannot insert duplicate key in object ‘dbo.Activations’. The duplicate key value is (57825, Nov 9 2021 12:00AM, 26784). [20018] (severity 14) [INSERT INTO Activations(UserID, OwnCallsign, SummitID, ActivationDate, Points, BonusPoints) VALUES (57825, ‘KC3OWT’, 26784, ‘09/Nov/2021 00:00’, 0, 0)]

Can anyone explain to me what this means and what I am doing wrong?

Thanks guys.

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I guess you need to enter all QSO at one time. If you submit them you can not add any more to the same activation.
So the solution is to delete all from that day and enter them in one go.

And I would recommend to use a logging tool and upload the csv or adif. It makes things so much easier to manage.

If you look for a simple editor:
G0LGS: Software Information
a try.
Or SAISIE SOTA V16.5.5.0

73 Joe

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You are trying to enter another activation of a summit for the same day you have already entered. You can only activate a summit once/day. If you try to enter another you will get the above error.

I use Fast Log Entry (FLE) to enter my log. It supports SOTA. I save the ADIF and upload to the database. Then I import into Log4OM.


Thank you guys.
I was trying to do one log, submit then do another.
I missed seeing the enter another QSO. befoe submitting.

Thank you guys.

I now made it to 6 points!!! LOL


Well done on the activation! Hope to S2S with you soon!

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