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WHOOPS! Activation of SP Mountain, W7A/CS-067, between 1800Z and 1930Z, on 30 JULY 2020, was mistakenly listed as W7A/CS-037. Apologies for the error. Please correct your log if already entered>
Ken, K6HPX/P

Ken and Kay,

Thanks for your fine S2S contacts yesterday, and for catching this summit error!

The good news:

I looked up SP Mountain and see that you activated a volcano - and it doesn’t look like it’s been inactive very long! SP mountain has a nice crater and a large lava flow leading north from below the cone! Everyone who chased you should look at where you were!

I wonder how you do these peaks near mid-day in July - hopefully you had some clouds.

I was able to update my log with 9 S2S contacts because the new “Manage Uploads” feature of the SOTA database works like a charm! Everyone else who corrects their log(s) should be aware of this.

I’m using G0LGS’s CSV editor, and it’s easy to update a saved log and fix a summit ref, then upload it again.

Also, for several months after the database changes, I couldn’t see, read, or use the SOTA Reflector posts here, like this one, on my Windows XP computer. I saw a blank screen. Somehow the problem has been fixed, even though I was told that it would NOT be, and here it is running sweetly with pictures and all the previous features, just like before! This is real luck - otherwise I might not have seen your post.

Let’s do more S2S contacts!



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Thanks for kind words and info. about correcting logs. If you haven’t already, look up SP Crater, or SP Mountain on Wikipedia. It’s a really iconic cinder cone; the fact that the lava flow melted its way out of the bottom, and the material around the rim congealed, has protected the classic cinder-cone shape. Here’s a pix of Kay standing just outside that congealed rock rim, on way up from the west.

The little dot in lower left this side of the road is our beloved Land Rover, 7 feet long in back; the leak-proof tent that goes most anywhere. Yes, a bit toasty; 99F when we got back to vehicle. Took 3 liters, and used most. Cinder at steep grade is a bit challenging on the way up. Well worth it, for SOTA and the view!.
All Best, Ken


Thanks for sharing. I’ve gotten interested in geology a bit since I’ve started hiking desert peaks. Some of the formations are fascinating. It is nice climbing heavily forested areas; however, I’ve really learned to love the desert sections as well because of the exposed rock formations. Also, thanks again for sharing about Clem Nelson, I appreciated reading that article.

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CAUTION. When you use Manage Uploads to delete a log upload, check carefully the date of the operation you are about to delete, not the date of the upload. Most uploads occur later than the date of operation.

Elliott, K6EL

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