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ERROR, KE7BGM and K6HPX/P May 01

Activation of Whiting Knoll was listed as W7A/AP-006 in error.
The correct designation for Whiting Knoll is: W7A/AP-014.
My apologies. Ken K6HPX

Ken, I am planing a trip to Mount Pinos W6/cc-002 and would appreciate hearing about accessibility. Can I drive to the trailhead in a two wheel drive sedan? How is the hike from the trailhead to the summit.? I have about a six hour drive to the trailhead so your comments appreciated. Thank you. Joe AA0BV.

Hi Joe,
Excellent, clear road to T.H. No problem for even smallest passenger car.
Trail itself is 5 % snow, easy to walk edge of; no doubt even better now.
All best, Ken K6HPX