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Error in S5 database

Hi Folks!

I found a funny phenomenon.

A quote from SOTA database:

Summit Information for S5/GS-019
Križarka - 413m, 2 points
Association: Slovenia Region: Goricko, Slovenjske Gorice in Haloze
Latitude: 16 7 58 N, Longitude: 46 49 42 E

This location in in North-Yemen! The latitude coordinate is obviously mistaken for logitude and vica versa.

The same applies for the summits S5/GS-001, -002, -003, -004, -005, -006, -007, -008, -015, -037. Then I checked only the very first items out of other regions (S5/BI-001, S5/BR-001, etc.) but the same applies for them. It seems that the geographic coordinates all of the S5 peaks are consistently inverted. :frowning:

I checked this again… The phenomenon occurs if I open the database as follows:
Summits/ S5 land / XX region / ZZZ summit. or
Database / S5 land / XX region / ZZZ summit.
The coordinates are inverted in both cases.
Database / Summits / List of all summits / S5 land / XXX region gives a table of correct coordinates !!!

Maybe, the database is OK, but there’s a bug in the procedure displaying the data?! Haw… But, confusingly, this phenomenon does not occur in case of the OE or HA summits. How do you explain this?

Any idea?

73: Jóska, HA5CW

In reply to HA5CW:

Thanks for that, Joska, this problem has occurred with several Associations and it is being put right but takes time.


Brian G8ADD

In reply to HA5CW:

This location in in North-Yemen!

It was worse when it happened to W6. That places the summits further south than the south pole. Google Earth does some pretty wierd things if you give it a latitude of more than 90 degrees.