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Error by SMS spotting

Today I have me spottet by SMS at 1052 UTC for DL/WS-088 on 20m, at 1148 UTC by SMS for 40m. At home in the sotawatch I see 2 spots both at 1252, one for 20m, the other for 40 m. Fortunately G4OBK has me spottet on 1100 UTC. At 1252bI was already on the way returning.

Whats the cause?
Holger, OE7HPI

Hallo Holger,

SMS to which number?

73 Joe


this monday I spotted me two times (11:13, 11:25, UTC). In the afternoon I did not found these spots on sotawatch. I sent the same text with the remark test on 15:02 UTC and it came up some seconds later. The number was +44 79 03 53 30 46.

73 Ludwig

It looks like Holger used the Italian SMS-Spotter!

Probably there has been a problem with the SMS-Spotter in Italy!? You should maybe try using another SMS-Spotter like:

73 Martin, OE5REO

Hey all.

For you information: The SpotSMS syntax (that I support in my SMS system) will work as long as Sotawatch2 is up.
I recommend to registed your phone number and use the official syntax (and the service Andy has established) in the future.
Also the new version of Bogdans Android app Sota Spotter requires now the SSO (SingleSignOn) username and password. So there will be a problem if your SSO username+password and your old Sotawatch2 username+password are different.

As stated: Change to official format after registering your phone with Andy. SotaSpotter also supports that way.

73 Joe

There was an authorisation bug that caught out your spots. I checked the spotter around lunchtime Monday and saw the errors and fixed the issue. I thinks it’s fixed properely now as there have been 166 successful spots since it was restarted.

Hi Andy,


Thanks for all information. I call since many years the ARI sms spotter, this was the first problem.

I looks in the future with the OE5JFE Gateway.