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Eric June (KU6J) memorial marker installation and activation

As many of you know Eric contributed enormously to the SOTA community with his CW spotting software and as a very effective RM in W6-land.

Jordan (WC6J), Ron (W6PZA), Rick (WB0USI) and myself (W6PNG) will be installing a peak marker that has been custom made for Eric (the October SOTA news had a picture of it) this coming Wednesday at or around 11am PST on his peak W6/NS-204.

If you wish to participate as an activator in this special and unique event please contact me off line.

We would love to have as many chasers in our log books as possible so please try and make the time to catch us.

We are finalizing equipment details but will operate 40/20m both SSB and CW and suspect we will get at least one 100 watt station on the air.

Stay tuned for more details.

Paul W6 SOTA Association Manager


This topic has been pinned to the top of the Reflector to remind folks (especially CW operators who made good use of the KU6J CW spotting software) that chasing of the guys when they place the peak marker would be appreciated as a mark of respect

Barry GM4TOE

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There is no doubt the SOTA community is a special kind of family. :radio: :earth_americas:

Dave K6KNS
Folsom, CA

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We are set to install the marker and do the activation tomorrow at W6/NS-204. Alerts are up and will spot when we are on frequency.

CW operators;
WB0USI - Rick
K1LB - Woody

SSB operators;
W6PZA - Ron
WC6J - Jordan
W6PNG - me, Paul

Diggers, cement mixers and installers;
All operators

I activated at 6AM local time to try to catch you for an S2S. I might have heard one of the activator calls on 14062 cw but no contacts made.

Conditions somewhat depressed.

Worth trying anyway.



Thanks for trying and sorry you couldn’t make a QSO with the team.


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I listened for your team on CW, the signals were faint to me on W6/NC-001 Snow Mountain about 150 miles west of you Are you going to post a report or put something in the November news on how it went?


Thanks for trying and I guess 40m wasn’t being favorable for the hop over to Snow Mountain.

Yes I am planing on a report which be complete shortly.


I’ve been keeping Tamar, the widow of KU6J, current with the memorial efforts of W6PNG and WC6J. Here’s her response today (she is the new CEO of his very successful software company).


Thank you for keeping me informed. And please thank the guys for what they’ve done on my behalf. I plan to visit this once the snow has melted next year. I’m sure I’ll find my way there somehow. I’m still having a pretty hard time with what has transpired, so bear with me if I don’t get back to you quickly. I have also forwarded this to Eric’s mom, as she is very appreciative of what you have all done as well.

The company is doing very well, and I know Eric would be proud, if not smiling upon us all from up there…

Best regards,


Hello, I intend to activate 2019/07/28 starting abt 17 UTC W6/NS-204 (KU6J Memorial Peak).
In memory of Eric, instead of “73” at the end of a QSO, I will give IMOE (In Memory Of Eric)


Hi Andy

Welcome to California.

Thanks for activating Eric’s peak and hopefully you enjoyed the activation.

In my early days with SOTA, Eric helped me plan out a Tahoe “point gathering” trip and despite being a CW guy Eric broke out the mic when I was on his peak. It was memorable given he tipped me off to that peak and many others near by.

His expertise, energy and contributions to SOTA are missed.


Hi Andy,

It is a fitting tribute to Eric June to activate his KU6J Memorial Peak with IMOE at the close of every QSO. I plan to activate his peak on Saturday, Aug 03, 2019 and will follow your lead.

Nice to do an S2S today with you.

Best 73, Woody/K1LB

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Hi Andy,

Signing-off with IMOE (In Memory Of Eric) while activating his peak is a very thoughtful way to honor Eric and his contributions to SOTA . I have linked your post to the W6/NS-204, KU6J Memorial Peak information page.

Jordan WC6J
Northern Sierra RM

W6/NS-204, KU6J Memorial Peak