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Enough is enough!

Are WFF still using the list of summits they stole from SOTA?

That’s a bit restrictive. Some of the nicest volcanoes are on Io, but the rest of the solar system isn’t even mentioned ;o)


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But the biggest one is on Mars!

Stromboli would be a good practice volcano, IIRC it has an explosive eruption about every quarter hour. OTOH hopefully we have a long wait for Yellowstone!


In the spirit of April 1st…

P100…E1000, either one can be a problem for some people so …realizing that not everyone is in the condition needed to activate a SOTA summit, I offer these quasi-SOTA alternatives as possibilities for those people:

Group Activity Description:
AOTA Activating while having a Heart Attack
BOTA Activating from a Boat
COTA Activating form a COT. You need not be awake for this activity.
DOTA Activating so s l o w l y that everyone falls asleep waiting for your QSO to end
EOTA Activating via email instead of a radio
FOTA A SOTA activation that goes really, really, bad…in so many ways.
GOTA Any activation where Goats are involved
HOTA Activating from a Red Light district
JOTA Activating with a piece of “Junk”… an old, worn out, or broken radio
KOTA Activating…er…Kissing On The Air, with one you love (even if it is only you)
LOTA Activating when you are Lost…you may or may not be on the correct summit while on the air
MOTA Activating a summit while Mobile in motion
NOTA Activating a summit, without actually climbing the summit.
OOTA Activating a summit after a serious screw up
POTA Activating while relieving yourself on a summit
QOTA Activating a government building
ROTA Activating while plowing or tilling a field
TOTA Activating while evading Flying Monkeys and the Wicked Witch
UOTA Activating after borrowing money for that KX3
VOTA Activating from an active Volcano (thanks to VK3ARR)
WOTA Activating while trying to stay on your runaway horse
XOTA Activating Naked. Can be a two person activity.
YOTA Activating while watching any Star Wars movie
ZOTA Activating from a Zoo

Hmmm…I may have already done a few of these

have fun


Oh oh … Watch out the RSGB will be on your case for copyright !

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I always thought POTA was an operation from a pub?

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Brilliant! My favourite passage of the blog:

So – people of the DM association, take heart, those English MT folks
will have no summits to activate on their mainland! Of course, neither
will you nor for that matter will any VKs – but this is a minor point in
the grand scheme of things.

I like VOTA so much, I would agree to take over the role as VOTA DM association manager.

Does the SOTA MT mind this? As the number of volcanoes in DM is somewhat limited I expect this will consume only little time. Therefore I do not think this interferes with my work as SOTA DM association manager at all. In addition this would be a good training for managing SOTA DM with P150.

73 de Michael, DB7MM, SOTA DM association manager

How about NOTA? Activating via an internet connection to a remote station, so you are ‘not there’ ?

I think that the Scouts have reserved this under the Jamboree On The Air (as well as IOTA - Internet on the the air) banner.

it certainly can be!


But us lot “Up North” would have loads - well, extinct ones!

Yes, JOTA is Jamboree on the Air and JOTI is Jamboree on the Internet.

SOTA and Scouting seems like a natural combination. I’ve been working on it, but haven’t gotten any traction yet.


Yes, JOTI is what I was thinking of.

JOTA seems, from what I remember, to be undertaken from Scout huts rather than on top of hills.

The Guides have TDOTA (Thinking Day On The Air) as well, of course.

A couple of VK hams have managed to introduce JOTA with their kids’ groups (VK3ZPF/VK3BQ/VK3HRA off the top of my head). My kids aren’t old enough yet for that.

I’m also running a Foundation license course for our local Air Force Cadet squadron in the next school term - there will be a lot of focus on portable, SOTA operations during the practicals :wink:

Its a few decades since I looked at the geology of Germany in any detail, but I seem to remember that there are a few in the Rhine graben that would count if we made it E10,000, and the same for central France. There are half a dozen or so tertiary volcanoes in Scotland and a couple in GI but they are all in SOTA anyway!


I’ve already done 2 SOTA Volcanos: Arthur’s Seat and North Berwick Law. Both safely extinct.

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Many DM SOTA summits are volcanoes in HE, RP, SR, NW, Ns, even my “Hausberg” DM/NS-108 is of volcanic origin.

73 …

The big Tertiary ones: Skye, Rum, Ardnamurchan, Mull, Arran - and St Kilda. The older supervolcanoes are Ben Nevis and Glencoe. Lots of the “laws” of southern Scotland are the cores of smaller volcanoes similar to Arthur’s seat, but it is likely that many of the larger granites of Scotland were capped by great volcanoes that are long eroded away. Criffel shows signs of that, for a start. You can hardly stir out of doors in Scotland without tripping over the remains of volcanism!


Thanks to all for taking this post in the spirit intended. I was a little tentative tying in a contentious issue into an April Fools’ Joke, but in the end decided the segue was just too perfect to pass up. I’m pleased the issues for the most part stayed clear of this thread too.

Thankfully there were only a few people slow on the uptake (in other forums this was cross posted and privately to me), although my poor blog didn’t know what hit it - about 15% of last year’s traffic in one day:

Success though will be seeing alerts on SOTAWatch that include VOTA references :wink:

The SOTA community is a resilient bunch, and hopefully this reminds us all we’re here for fun. I already have ideas for next year - something that should be much more inclusive for the VKs who are unfortunately vulcanologically challenged. I throw down the gauntlet to others too for next year - there are already great suggestions on this thread, and the fun doesn’t have to be limited to the summit.



Good One Andrew,

I was musing over how to start an eruption as within 400 km SW of here there some E10000 peaks that might only need a little encouragement to start steaming again. Maybe hold a P100/P150 conference in the crater?

I look forward to next year.


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