Enexpected Email (Backcountry Communication)

As it says it has been sent to those that have at least made a SOTA activation - I guess others have received and email “Backcountry Communicating, Morse code and Pedestrian Carts” with 3 attachments.

As I did not request whatever the informaiton it includes I have deleted the message without opening any of the attachments.

I haven’t received a copy, so I suspect it’s limited to whoever was in the address book of the sender, but it might be related to a similar post on the NASOTA group where someone was drumming up a particular pedestrian trailer that was crowdfunding development.

I got an e-mail from a “Bruce Prior” titled “HipStar for SOTA activating” back in April. Unsolicited from an unknown sender so straight in the bin…

Came to a very rarely used email address that I keep for “special purposes” but it must be out there somewhere :frowning:

That was the one. It wasn’t well received on the NASOTA list, and I have heard a number of folks who received a similar email had a similar reaction (both to the unsolicited email and the concept in general) and deleted it forthwith.


I have emailed Bruce and suggested he stop sending out these emails. He means no harm and has no financial interest in the pedestrian trailers. I let him know that we have had complaints and it’s best if he stops emailing people.


I had no issues with Bruce contacting me and we actually exchanged some views on the practicality (or impracticality) of using the pedestrian trailers for SOTA. Indeed I’ve had several “unsolicited” emails over the years asking about SOTA related matters. :grinning:

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