End Fedz EF-20

Hello everybody
I have just received the End Fendz EF-20 antenna made of PAR Electronics in USA. This is a single band 20meter end fed dipole.
The antennas is made for all HF bands except for the 80 meter.

I’m not sure but I think the matching unit on the end of the antenna is just a magnetic balun with maybe ratio 1:9 or 1:10 where the ground on the coaxial cable is making the counterpoise. Might this be correct?

It’s looking like a perfect antenna for SOTA activations because of it’s flexibility concerning easy installation.
I have still not made any contacts with the antenna but tried it on receiving.
I hang it up one afternoon as a slooper in my 10meter high telescopic fibre glass pole.
SWR showed perfect match 1:1.03 on my analyzer, I then connected my FT-817 and I could not believe my own ears when I switched on the radio, the first station I could copy was a Japanese station from Tokyo, report 5 and 8 on 14.201 Mhz, I tried a couple of calls with only 5watt but the Japanese had to much pile up, well maybe optimistic but maybe possible.

OK, is there anyone else who have experience on these end fed dipoles, the 20meter version or for other bands I could like to hear your experience on it. Looking forward to try it on some QSO’s.

Best 73’s

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Hello Leif

I have a PAR 20m/40m end fed. I have used it for many SOTA activations and it works very well. I use it with a 6m pole and with the extra length for 40m it results in a sloping antenna. It has worked better than an inverted v dipole on occasions on 20m. The only problem is the bend in the pole!

I am sure you will have many good contacts with this antenna. My best to date was into Canada from the Scottish Highlands.

Best 73s

Adrian MM0DHY

In reply to MM0DHY:

I got the PAR 10/20/40 a few weeks ago, and it really works great on all three bands. I taped it to a 12 meter fiberglass pole (half wave and vertical polarization = low radiation angle) and got 559 from Japan. Power was 5W from a FT 817.

I have not used it on a SOTA activation yet mostly due to the lack of 30m. However, according to the instruction set it seems that the matching unit can handle every band from 60m to 10m. Thus, I’ll plan to try to make a “linked end-fed” during my summer vacation.

Concerning the matching unit, a guess could be that it is similar to the matching unit presented in RadCom no 10 2010.

Best 73

Hans Christian