Encinetas peak Sota EA7/MA-039 at last!

Hi, thanks everyone that could contacted with me on Sota EA7/MA-039, long time ago that I wanted to do this Sota, but the tough of the path it was a handicap for me because I wasn’t very fit, but the last Saturday I could done it and reach the summit and leave on the air on CW and FM modes with 90 qso, I spent a great radio day once again thanks all the chasers and I’m looking forward to hear you in the next activity.
EC7ZT/P Manu.
P.S. I post the video of the activity.


Hi Manu,
Tks for nice video and nice QSO :+1: what a pileup !
Muchas gracias y hasta pronto
73 Éric

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Hola Eric, gracias a ti por llamar,
Thanks to you for chaser me, I hope to hear you in the next Sota.
72. Manu.

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Muchas gracias por el S2S!

I/LO-264 Monte Borgna


Muchas gracias a ti Fabio por el S2S y espero volverte a escuchar pronto.

Congrats Manu for such a great activation.
A hard way up to the summit without a clear path there. I can almost feel like being there the last meters breathing hard with you.

Look forward to meet you on air soon, 73 de Ignacio

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Thanks Ignacio, truly it was very hard, but when you reach the top and seeing the amazing view everything worthy, thanks for your nice words and I’m looking forward to hear you on the air.

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