Elvaston Castle Rally

Anyone going tommorow (10th June)to Elvaston Castle?

I will be going and will don a sota t-shirt. Feel free to say hello.


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See you there Ian.

73 John GW4BVE

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I will be going to Elvaston. Hope wx as nice as last year.

Phil. m0vey

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I will be there with Judy my XYL and I will recognise John GW4BVE of course…so it will be good to meet you Ian also and any other SOTA enthusiasts at the rally. I don’t have a SOTA T shirt unfortunately.

Phil G4OBK

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Hi Ian,

Well hope to meet up with you also Phil VEY and Phil OBK, I’m meeting up with John when there, Is there a SOTA stall there?


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No SOTA stall. Sorry!



If you are going to Elvaston watch out for the Boy Scout stall. “Yes, it’s working I tested it myself. Never been used”. Fagen’s den more like. That was £90 I’ll never see again. I thought if you can’t trust the Scouts who can you trust.

I am working this year so I will have to miss it unfortunately.

On the subject of SOTA T-Shirts (the green ones) are they still available and if so where?

Regards Steve GW7AAV

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T Shirts - I think Steve SGB has some sort of deal going: