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Elecraft KX2 battery source

The UK post wont handle Lithium batteries for international desitinations.

I bet they do 100’s of time every day, They just dont know it…


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You’re right. But should they discover it contains such items they have the right to sieze and destroy the package with no compensation.

It’s all an extra pain in the bum having to pack things properly and it’s obvious jokers and people who don’t care what happens to other people will just ship them anyhow, anyway. Then you get another damaged cell starting a fire and a plane crashes.

But you can pack them and you can ship them. It costs more. Which is why cheapskates don’t ship them that way.

They have started destroying packages - without warning or compensation - destined for UK domestic delivery; the upshot being that several suppliers either insist you pay for a courier service (with their obscene surcharges for anywhere North of Perth) or just will not accept your order.

The situation with Royal Mail is not consistent across the country either

Somebody needs to take a large stick to ill educated management methinks :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Safe disposal must be expensive for them too.

…and people wonder why we don’t stock batteries!

What is strange is Hobbyking use ParcelForce for delivering batteries yet ParcelForce wont handle batteries alone, only with the item they are intended to be used with.

I just got 2 from http://www.all-batteries.fr/
Reference MGL9036
2600mAh and size exacly the same as original but you have to add the plug.

Charges with original charger or my solar panel.

Price discounted at 26.86 euro + vat + shipping (low in Europe)
So for 2 all together paid 56.92 EUR

73 Thomas