Elecraft K1 kit seeking a good home

I have an Elecraft K1 kit which I would like to donate to a good cause. Having built a Small Wonder Labs SW40+ with no difficulty I thought a K1 would be a good next step. However, the K1 is much more complex with many very small components, and part way into the first sub-assembly I had to concede that my eyesight is just not up to it.

I could sell the kit but somehow that would be admitting defeat. I would rather it was put to good use in some sort of project for young people, preferably one including young men and women and outdoor pursuits such as SOTA. So it can be had for the price of the postage. Any proposals?

I will wait a week for replies and then give the kit to the best project proposal.

73 Ken

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Hi Ken,
Please find my E-mail in your mailbox.
73: Joska, HA5CW

Update 28.9.09.

Thank you to everyone who responded to this posting. I received several responses from the UK and Europe. I have decided to donate the K1 kit to the SOTA Association of Macedonia. Association Manager Vlado Kovaceski Z35M
explained that radio amateurs in Macedonia are faced with considerable economic and logistical problems in obtaining suitable equipment for SOTA ops, so I hope the kit will help. Vlado says the K1 will be loaned to members for SOTA expeditions and will also be made available to visitors to Macedonia. I’m looking forward to chasing those Z3 activations!


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Well done, Ken.


Brian G8ADD

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Dear Ken,
Thank you very much for your donation.
I informed the members of the Z3-DX Reflector about your donation and they already know that in the future they can loan K1 for SOTA activations.

Also, this radio will be aviable for loan to foreign visitors who like to acativate SOTA qualifying summits in Macednia.

                                         73, Vlado Z35M
                              Association manager for SOTA Macedonia