El Tibidabo EA3/BC-079

On Friday, Nov 11, I ventured out early by metro and foot to El Tibidabo, one of three summits in the Barcelona area. The fenicular being closed at that hour, I walked up the road until a dirt path presented itself. A miscalculation took me up a steep pathway that passed someone’s campsite and then a downed fence. I found myself on the grounds of the observatory. I highly recommend not making this mistake. Approaching a worker on site I confessed to being lost and he kindly showed me the exit gate to the road. Whew!
More walking, along the road, and I finally passed TV city and the temple. I chose to set up at what turns out to be a popular vista point. The amusement part nearby was closed and the only people around were a few workers and various cyclists who had challenged the climb.
Up went the 12’ mast and 44’ doublet above the wall ironwork. A stone pedestal served as the radio table.
As my activation ensued people arrived to admire the view. Some were curious about what I was doing. Others just wanted to compete for space. Even with headphones the chatter from increasing numbers of visitors made copying difficult. I put 53 QSOs from all over Europe in the log, the best DX being Hideo, JH1MXV.
Taking down the antenna was a bit tricky with so many people around but was achieved without incident. Then how to get back “home” for the afternoon tour of La Sagrada Familia. It was almost 11 AM, when the fenicular began service. In short order I was at the base of the mountain having enjoyed the spectacular view from the front car. I was the only passenger on the descent. The rest was easy and I was “home” on time.
I’ve included a few photos.
I did not have time to go inside the temple. Another time.
By the way, the visit to La Sagrada Familia was unforgettable!

David N6AN


Hello David, I am a manager from Catalonia, I hope you have enjoyed it, it is always better to contact the manager of that region or country, and even more so coming so far, I would surely have advised you, ok, although it is true I do not speak your language, but we have understood each other somehow way.
I have sent you an email please, when you can answer me ok.

I tried to send an e-mail to you and it was rejected, I got your e-mail at QRZ.COM
please contact me my email is correct at QRZ.COM
happy return
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Many thanks for the interesting report David. Rather you than me. You were very brave to activate on HF with the potsntial for so many people on the summit… it would have been my worst activation nightmare! I much prefer a hill top in the middle of nowhere.

73, Gerald


I think I was lucky to get there early and finish well before the fenicular brought the real crowds. Pulling into the station on the first ride down I witnessed a throng of people waiting to ascend.
73, David N6AN

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